Market research services

With extensive experience in primary and secondary market research and analysis, Cairn Digital Marketing provides market research services to help our clients answer the burning questions that influence their businesses.  For example:

Market Analysis:

Understanding the market in which you operate is vital to strategy development and business success.  Cairn Digital Marketing can help you make sense of your complex and ever-changing market environment.

Target Market Profiling:

Understanding the behaviors, attitudes and demographic attributes of your target audience enables you to identify strategies for more effectively communicating and resonating with your audience.  Cairn Digital Marketing creates custom target audience profiles using new or exisiting primary research and secondary sources, giving our clients the information and insights they need to craft effective marketing programs.

Online surveys:  

Whether you want to survey your exisitng customers or a sample of your target market, we can help you develop a methodology, execute the research and provide actionable analysis of the data.